Monthly Archives: February 2009

Some of my work

Enjoy some of the work I did during internships and for DraftFCB Tel Aviv.

Recent work will soon be posted on this blog, so stay tuned & enjoy!

Whopper Jalapeno - Extremely hot


Burger King - The Picture You Never Took

Greenpeace Cut-Out Postcard

LG - Fantasy

LG - Red Notebook

Unfair - Passive Smoking

Clean Air - Crop Cigarettes Out Of Your Life

Raid - Kills Cockroaches Like No Shoe


Reach Everything with MS Pilates



Ludwig "John" von Beethoven Lennon

Thanking Bottle Recyclers Using Bluetooth

Heinz Hot Ketchup

DraftFCB Self-Promotion


Hey there!

Welcome to my blog!

Like any good product, from toilet paper to cars, you occasionally need to reinvent yourself.

I’ve decided to start today, by sharing my work, thoughts, ideas and stuff i like with you, world.

Enjoy & feel free to comment!

Oh, and watch your back if you dare not to come back!