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Optalgin Painkillers – 6″ Tv Spots


Losek – Inconvenient Heart burns

New campaign we made for Losek (medication against heart burns) by Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Tagline: “Heart burns can hit you anywhere, anytime”.

Director: Ishay Karni Eckhaus

Shahal – Heartbeats

UEFA Champions League Final – Sponsorship

Here’s a commercial we made for Optalgin, Israel’s leading pain killer, which was broadcast in real time during the UEFA Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester. The ad says: “Optalgin. Strong for strong pains.” The banner appeared only if/when a player was injured and was lying on the grass.

Don’t play with Cholesterol

6″ post-made TV Commercial we made for Phyto-Guard by Teva Pharmaceuticals

6″ TV Spots for Stella Artois